Khaptad National Park – Far Western Nepal

Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park located at the confluence of four districts of SudurPaschim Province, Bhajan, Bajura, Doti, And Achham has 22 grasslands also mentioned as Patan by the public. It has a forest of Pine, Khasur, And Nigalo. This place also has diverse species of wildlife, like Red Deer, Musk Deer, Squirrel, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Rhesusu Macaque, Common Langur as well as Lophophores and Crimson Horned Pheasant. Khaptad is also a very important area from a religious prospect. Khaptad baba spent more than fifty years of his life in meditation and sadhana from 1940 AD in this place. There is a legend that Yudhisthira went to heaven through Khaptad in ancient times and is also mentioned in SkandaPuran (A holy book.) Trebeni, Khaptad Daha, Shasralinga, Naagdhuga are considered to be holy places for Hindu pilgrimages. A grand fair is held here on the occasion of Ganga Dasahara, Janai Purnima as well kilometers of middle hills. Wide grasslands (Patans), lakes, animals, and scenery of the Himalayan range are attractions of the Khaptad area. Reaching the beautiful courtyard of Khaptad relieves stress and lightens the Ming.

Khaptad can be visited all year round. Wildflower blooms especially in June- July. The scenery of the Himalayas in October-November is magnificent. We can observe not only Api and Saipal but also mountains in the Indian region. Khaptad which turns white with snow during January and February is colorful with a variety of Rhododendrons in April and May.

Major Highlights

Khaptad Baba Ashram

The Asharam of Khaptad Swami is at an altitude of 3160 meters which is also called Kuti. Khaptad Baba meditated here for more than 50 years. Located at the flat surface at the top of the hill. surrounded by a wide variety of herbs and plants is not only fascinating in itself but also a center for spirituality.

Tribeni Dham

Tribeni is the confluence of three rivers in Khaptad which also has a historical Shiva temple. A grand fair is held in Triveni during Gangadashahara. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists reach Khaptad to attend this fair. Bathing is Tribenidham, one gets virtue and wish fulfilled as per the public belief.

Treibeni Dham Khaptad National Park

Tribeni Dham Khaptad National Park

Sahastra Linga

Sahastra Linga Khaptad National Park

Naag Dhunga

Naag Dhunga Khaptad National Park

Naag Dhunga Khaptad National Park

Khaptad Patan

Ghoda Daud Patan

Ghoda Daud Patan khaptad national park

Ghoda Daud Patan khaptad national park

Ghoda Daud Patan khaptad national park

Ghoda Daud Patan khaptad national park

Kedar Dhunga

kedar dhunga khaptad national park

Sitapaila Temple

sitapaila temple khaptad national park


bukidaha patan khaptad national park

bukidaha patan khaptad national park



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