Nage Pokhari, Ajirkot, Gorkha

Nage Pokhari, Ajirkot, Gorkha is Some of the most amazing Tourism and attraction sites of Nepal. Nage Pokhari is located at an altitude of 3260m from sea level. The place is located in the Ajirkot Rural Municipality-1, Ghyachchok of Gorkha District. It has its own religious importance. A big Pokhari is located here which is very unique as well as the main attraction of this place. How to reach to NagePokhari? Nage Pokhari-Ajirkot-Gorkha If you are planning to travel to Nagepokhari then take a bus from Kathmandu to Bhachchek, Gorkha … Continue reading Nage Pokhari, Ajirkot, Gorkha