Machhegaun Machhe Narayan Mela

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Machhegaun Machhe Narayan Mela

Machhegaun Machhe Narayan Mela name came from Machhenarayan, an avatar of the god Vishnu. It is said that during ancient times, Manu found a small fish about to die while he was having a bath in a river. He brought the fish to his home and put it into a small pot of water. The next day, the fish grew in its size amazingly and no longer fit in the small pot. So he put the fish in a pond just to find the next day that the fish had grown larger and no longer fit in the pond as well. Knowing that this fish is no ordinary fish, Manu bowed with respect and asked to show the fish who he was. Then god Vishnu emerged from the mouth of the fish. To remember this event, Manu established a Machhenarayan temple in the center of the pond.


A mela (fair), named MangalMas, is organized every three years in Machhegaun for a month, mostly during a month from April to July. During this month god Vishnu is worshiped all over the country.

Machhenarayan Mela Machhegaun

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How to reach Machhe Narayan Temple

You can reach here from 2 sides either from the Kirtipur Road or from the Satungal Road. So for your convenience, you can choose the road.


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