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silgadhi bajar, doti


Dipayal Silgadhi-Doti formerly called Doti District is located in province 7 of the far-western region of Nepal. It is the border between Achham and Surkhet to the East, Dadeldhura, and Baitadi to the West, Bajhang to the North, and Kailali to the south. Geopolitically, Doti is administratively divided into 2 municipalities and 7 rural municipalities.

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Almost all areas of Doti lie in the Mid-hill area, and a few areas lie on Terai and high hills. The lowest elevation point is 600 meters and the highest elevation point is 4,000 meters from the mean sea level. Seti, Thuligadh, Kalgad, Sahiligad, and Gandakigad are the main rivers flowing in Doti.

silgadhi bajar, doti

Dipayal Silgadhi-Doti

Dipayal Silgadhi-Doti is the headquarter of the Doti District. Almost all the administrative offices are here in Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality. 

How far is Dipayal Silgadhi ?

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Dipayal Silgadhi-Doti is around 800 km. far from Kathmandu. There is no direct bus route from Dipayal Silgadhi to Kathmandu. So either you have to go to Dhangadi from Dipayal Silgadhi and take a bus to KTM or you can wait for the Bajura bus that travels directly to Kathmandu as per this date. The local microbus can be found from 6:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. from Dipayal Silgadhi to Dhangadi. You can easily find the hotels in Dipayal Silgadhi like Saileswori and Lord Buddha, Bhandari, and many more. Dipayal Silgadhi is the gateway and the fastest route to Khaptad National Park.

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Places in a visit to the Doti district

  • Dipayal Bazar
  • Seti bridge
  • Baglek
  • Shaileswari Temple
  • Budar jharna
  • Tudikhel
  • Silgadhi Bazar
  • Bhuvan Dada
  • Shantinagar
  • khaptad National park
  • Simikot
  • Malikasthan,
  • Jorayal,
  • Lana kedareshwar,
  • Seti river
  • B P Nagar
  • Shiva Temple

sunset view of silgadhi bajar, doti

Doti district Municipality

  • Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality
  • Shikhar Municipality
  • Purbichauki Rural Municipality
  • Badikedar Rural Municipality
  • Jorayal Rural Municipality
  • Sayal Rural Municipality
  • Aadarsha Rural Municipality
  • Dr. K. I. Sing Rural Municipality
  • Bogatan Rural Municipality

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