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dipayal bajar pipalla bajar doti far west

Dipayal Bazar

Dipayal is one of the exciting as well the business-oriented cities of Doti in Far-west Province. There are many kinds of festivals like Mela, etc. occurred here. The weather is a bit hot in the summer season here. Dipayal is the central business point area of Doti, as well as the headquarters of the Doti District called Pipalla Bazar. Also, Seti Technical School provides education in Diploma Pharmacy, Isc.Ag, Civil Engineer, JTA, Forestry, etc


Dipayal Airport

Dipayal airport which remained closed due to the covid-19 pandemic has been brought back into operation again. The flight schedule is from Dipayal to Dhangadi and Dhangadi to Dipayal on some specific days only.


Places to Visit in Dipayal

  • Basudhara
  • Temple  Dudhesawar ghupha,
  • Bhairabkot Temple
  • Seti River
  • Rajpur Bazar
  • Pipala Bazar

The Bhairabkot Durbar is connected by 500 m. lain bridge with Dudhesawar Gupha. The mela Shivaratri, Deuda are video song.

Distance from Kathmandu to Dipayal

Dipayal is one of the well-known places in the Doti District. Doti is one of the tourist places in the  Seti zone of Farwest province. The distance from Kathmandu to Dipayal is around 750 kilometers,  which is really very far. But due to the good road condition, you can reach Dipayal in 1 day. 

These are some of the popular places and tourist sites that you can visit in Doti Dipayal district.

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