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Dadeldhura District Coordination Committee (DCC), formerly called Dadeldhura district is located in Province No. 7 of the far-western region of Nepal and covers an area of 1538 square kilometers within latitude 28º 59’’ N to 29º 26” N and Longitude 80º 12” E to 80 º 47” E. This District has an elevation ranging from 333 m to 2639 m above mean sea level (MSL). Dadeldhura borders Doti & Kailali to the East, India to the West, Baitadi to the North, and Kailali and Kanchanpur to the South. Dadeldhura has 2 Municipalities and 5 Rural Municipalities



How to reach Dadeldhura?

Dadeldhura has access to Mahakali highway (Atariya-Dadeldhura-Doti) and Seti highway (Saule-Doti). The Mahakali highway passes through Dadeldhura headquarters while the Seti highway goes to Doti from Saule which lies about 3km east of Dadeldhura headquarters. Both of these highways are blacktopped and are in good condition. Although road accessibility to Dadeldhura is limited, this is improving rapidly.

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You can directly get the bus from Kathmandu to Dadeldhura. But if you are traveling from another district then you can catch the bus from Attariya Buspark, Kailali, or from Dhangadi Buspark, Dhangadi. The distance from Kathmandu to Dadeldhura is about 650 km.

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Places to see in Dadeldhura

There are many places to see in Dadeldhura. Some of the famous places are 

  • Ugratara temple

Ugratara Temple DadelDhura

  • Amargadi Killa

Amargadi Killa Dadeldhura

  • Jagannath Temple


  • Chatrumurti Temple


  • Baghbajar
  • DSC03065
  • Ghatal Baba Temple
  • Baghbajar

Where to stay in Dadeldhura?

Dadeldhura has lots of hotels and lodges to stay in Baghbazar. So there is no need to worry about the accommodation. There are restaurants that serve delicious foods and resorts in Dadeldhura where you can enjoy your stay.

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