Bhujung Village – Largest Gurung Village in Lamjung, Nepal

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Bhujung Village, Lamjung – The Largest Gurung Village of Nepal

Namaste, today I am about to take you on the tour of Bhujung Village of Lamjung. One of the most outstanding villages in Nepal. We traveled there some months ago and the place was so beautiful. To tell you the truth I personally like Bhujung rather than the Ghale Gaun. And also recommend you to stay in Bhujung instead of Ghale Gaun. So Let’s know about Bhujung Village.


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Bhujung is one among the many settlements which are predominantly inhabited by the Gurung community and the one that also falls under the Gurung cultural heritage belt in Lamjung. The village has tea gardens, water mills, micro-hydro power generation from its water resources (Midim Khola), and also a ropeway for transportation. Lamjung peak appears up close and the Namuna mountain pass is close to the village.

The village is almost populated by the Gurung Community.


How To Reach To Bhujung Village?

Here is the route from Kathmandu to Bhujung Village.

  • Way Up : KTM – Kalanki – Dumre – Besisahar – Ghale Gaun – Bhujung

Here is the time it takes to reach each checkpoint, especially on the two-wheeler.

  • KTM – DUMRE: 4 Hrs approx.
  • DUMRE – BESISAHAR : 2 Hrs approx.
  • BESISAHAR – GHALE GAUN: 1.5 Hrs Approx (The road is gravel so consumes more time than the pitch road.)


Taking about the road condition, the road is fully pitched up to Beshisahar and to up some km. From there it is totally gravel which is in the process to be black pitched. You can check my Ghale Gaun post on how to reach Ghale Gaun here:

And from the Ghale Gaun, it is totally off-road to Bhujung Village.


Day 1 : Kathmandu – Dumre – Besisahar

On the very first day of this tour will be a drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar which is the district headquarters of Lamjung District in Gandaki Zone. Besisahar is about 172KM far from the Capital of Kathmandu and will require about 4 to 5 hours of drive. Besisahar Municipality has a warm and sub-tropical type of climate with deciduous forest type. If you are in the winter season then don’t forget to try the oranges found here. I am talking about the local one.

* There are lots of lodges and hotels, you can find easily in Besisahar. It is the main point and also the Jilla Saadarmukam of Lamjung District.


Day 2 : Besisahar – Ghale Gaun – Bhujung

Besisahar to Ghale Gaun : 1: 3o Hrs. on two wheelers

Ghale Gaun to Bhujung : 4 to 5 hrs Hike

I have already talked to you about the Ghale Gaun places and stays. So you can either stay here in Ghale Gaun or you can stay in Bhujung. I personally prefer you to stay in Bhujung as it is more beautiful and pleasant. You can easily find the homestays here in Bhujung. Every homestay can be identified with the homestay’s name and numbers attached to their houses. They welcome you with their own culture., and provide you with the local foods they grow. And if you are willing to pay extra bucks they can see their local dances and programs like Chutka Naach, Rodhi, Dohori, and many more.


The next day you can visit and roam the whole the village and can also get the time to visit Ghale Gaun and return back. You can also stay either in Ghale Gaun on this day or can return back if you have your own vehicle. Otherwise, you might have to stay this day because the vehicle to Besisahar can only be found in the morning time only.

Gate of Ghale Gaun
Gate of Ghale Gaun
Photoshot in the Gate of Ghale Gaun
Photoshoot in the Gate of Ghale Gaun

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Things to Do in Bhujung Village

  • Explore Village
  • Visit Bhujung Museum
  • Explore the Handicraft work of Bhujung
  • Explore Unique mode of Settlement
  • Visit Tea Garden
  • Visit Kaiyo waterfall
  • Ropeways
  • Visit Honey Hunting sites & Monastery
  • Hydropower sites
  • Visit the Golo Ghar
  • Talk with the local people here.
  • See the Gurung Culture and Traditions.







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