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Achham, Ramaroshan, Mangalsen, and Sanfebagar are some of the well-known places in the Achham District. Achham is one of the tourist places in the Seti Zone of Farwest Province. The distance from Kathamandu to Achham is around 850 km which is really very far. But due to the good road condition, you can reach Achham in 1 and half days. It will take you around 8 hrs to reach Achham from Dhangadi.

Here are some of the popular places and tourist sites that you can visit in Achham District. 


Mangalsen  Municipality is the center point business area of Achham, as well as the district, headquarters of Achham District. It was established on 18 May 2014 by a merger of the former village development committees Janalibandali, Kuntibandali, Oligau, Jupu, and Kalaggaun, into its current form. The Bajar itself is the main attraction of Achham as well as the Achham Durbar and the beautiful sight scene.


Sanfebajar Municipality is another main business center of Achham. You can find the domestic airport in Sanfebagar that takes flights from Dhangadi to Achham.


Kamalbazar was established on 18 September 2015 by merging the former village development committees Bayala, Dhaku, Chalsa, Sera, Muli, Mastabandali, and Kuika. Kamalbazar is also a trade center for Achham.


Binayak is surrounded by Kalikot District of Karnali province in the East, Kamalbazar in the west, Ramaroshan in the North, and Dailekh District in the south.


One of the most tourist attractions places in Achham is Ramaroshan. Ramaroshan has a population of 25166. The land area is 173.33km2. It was formed by merging Malitikot, Chafamandu, Shantada, Batulashain, Ramaroshan, Bhatakatiya and Sutar. 

It is located at an altitude of 2500m. A place having 18 patches of meadows  (locally known as Patans), and is a major tourist site in Achham district. This area is the habitat of the national bird of Nepal, the Danfe(Lophophorus). A good view of the Budhiganga basin, along with the peaks of mount Api, and Mount Saipal can be seen from the Ramaroshan area.

Bhaidhanath Dham

One of the four Shrines of Nepal is a Shrine of lord Shiva located in Achham District at the confluence of the Budhiganga and Saraswati rivers.

Here are some of my Photography of Achham District.

So Achham, Ramaroshan, Mangalsen, Sanfebagar, Baidhanath Dham, Binayak, Kamalbajar, Jamalagaun, Bayalpata are some of the places you must visit in Achham District.

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